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We enjoy helping people, and no matter what the status of the economy, every business needs to conserve money whenever possible.  Our goal is to use industry knowledge and leverage all sales contacts in various channels to build the most affordable solution for you while keeping quality of service in mind.  Our priority when we work with you, is to understand your needs, your challenges, and what your future needs will be.

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Our services are free to you the customer.  We are paid ultimately through the provider that you chose after we present you with a number of priced quoted options.


Keep your business running with a reliable internet connection

SaaS / Paas

Keep your organization running efficiently with Software or Platform as a service.


Securely store your data in the cloud so you have access 24/7

Save Money & Time

Benefit To You

SAVE MONEY – This process will save you money.  We will work diligently with all carriers available to your address or addresses.  We will negotiate with them and their finance department.  This will help us to create a proposal specifically for you and your needs.

SAVE TIME – Instead of meeting with multiple sales reps from different providers, we do the shopping for you with a proposal that has 3 – 5 providers.  We will make sure that when you choose a carrier, they will not only be competitive with pricing, but they will provide you a prominent level of service and effective communication.  After all, if you choose the lowest cost solution, but it is not functional or reliable, then you have done yourself a disservice.


The Consultant Advantage

Our Process

We start by consulting with you the business owner or your IT staff to get a layout of your current set up at your primary location and all other locations you may have.  We will be looking at what providers you are currently using to Access the internet directly, your telephony, and if you are currently using any onsite or virtual server applications.

Next, we do a complete analysis of all communication invoices.  This will provide you a high-level understanding of your total cost, service details, contractual obligations, and any early termination penalties. 

After we agree on exactly what you would like to be proposed. (This could be an exact match of your current setup today and or any additions or changes you would like to see)  we take your needs to all of our brokerage contacts and provide your 4 to 6 bids on one easy to read quote. 

Next, we ensure all your paperwork is completed and executed by the respective provider and or providers we choose.  We will also provide personal support during the implementation process with you and the individual operations department or departments present either virtually or over the phone.  (Please keep in mind legally we cannot represent ourselves as a member of your company) for this reason its is essential we have you present with us at the time of discussion.  We can only inform the provider that we are consultants and 3rd party advisors present to help. 

We’ll help validate your address, negotiate pricing, negotiate your current or new contract, design a solution, and project coordinate the process with all the carriers available in the market.

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Your Business Runs On


For a while now, internet access has been just as necessary as electricity at your office.  More and more companies are becoming TDNA (Technology Dependent or Network Advanced) every day.  This is due to the dependency on SAAS (Software as a Service) applications companies use by accessing the internet every day.  Also due to the fact that more and more business and intercommunication is done virtually also relying on their internet access.  

For this reason, it is critical that you have a commercial-grade type internet connection for a primary, and depending on what type of business you are, you need a reliable backup as a failover via a different carrier.  (Different carriers will have a different route through the internet)

Now in most areas, you can obtain at least one of the following.  High-speed DSL, fiber, or satellite.  In our opinion dedicated fiber is always the best option as you share it with no one, and it is always monitored by your carrier of choice backed by an SLA (Service Level Agreement).  No matter what, one of these 3 will be available wherever your location or locations reside.  We like to say that internet access and its quality is just like Real Estate, “Location, Location, Location” will always be the compelling factor. 

Stay Competitive With Time Saving Software

Saas / PaaS

Your organization has a large need for a number of advanced software applications.  (Often referred to as SaaS)

That being said Toarcom is an expert in offering various types of SaaS and also the IPaaS and or the integration capabilities to sync all of these various applications you have across one particular platform.

Some of our Brands have included Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and various types of other industry specific type software.       

Your Business Runs in the


In some way shape or form you are using at least one application that has to come from somewhere.  It could be straight from your desktop, a server at your site, or some type of cloud computing technology. 

A lot of people are intimidated when they hear the word “Cloud,” all this means is that your application or applications are being served to you from a remote source.  This can be a physical data center where you own your own machines and they are housed in a data center where you lease space, or you have them provided to you via a virtual solution.  A virtual solution simply means you are being provided service from a location you don’t know.  An example would be like having a Quick Books account or using an Amazon portal for sales or purchases.  

Whatever combination of solutions you have, the reliability of your internet connection will be a factor.  Some providers of data will offer some version of hosting services, however if your needs are at least some what advanced we usually recommend some type of cloud solution.  This is of course something we can include in the options I present to you.